About us

Dollygals is an attempt to bring rich entertainment for the online game lovers. Driven by the passion to offer top notch online games, we at Dollygals showcase some of the best games that find the nod of approval from the gaming community. Our prime objective is to cater to the varied gamers, as we never fail to add the most addicting games that offer extreme fun during the play time. This site explores avenues to offer the greatest as well as the latest games that hook the interest of the enthusiasts who look upon online games as their source of entertainment.

At Dollygals, we have designed and built our site to make it easy for you to use this site, and the platform laid out at the site ensures complete safety for the kids, girls and for the other users who visit our site to take back memorable gaming experiences. We also offer the best of Fantasy Decorating Games and Celebrity Dressup, as regional celebrities also find a place in our games, as we welcome suggestions from the users in this regard.

We differ from other gaming sites in offering games as that get tailored to fall in line with the interest of teens, girls and family, and we offer a splendid platform for the gamers to get connected to the like-minded enthusiasts, to exhibit their creativity, as getting engaged through our site goes beyond the solitary activity of playing games. There are other alluring features that ensure whole hearted participation of the gamers, as we strive to offer the players an open and a free world of fun.